This page, (which is at present maintained by Roger Bishop Jones) is intended to provide links to the philosophical writings of J.L. Speranza, together with some works in progress.

Philosophical Blogs

Speranza has taken up blogging (with a vengence), owns several blogs and contributes to more.

His own blogs are: The Grice Club, and The City of Eternal Truth and is he an author also for Carnap Corner (which is one of mine).

Speranza and I are experimenting with a coupling of blogs and mailing lists. The purpose of this is firstly to provide an alternative and more accessible kind of blog archive, and secondly to provide forums for a more extended and vigorous discussion than is well suited to a blog. Since we each have one such discussion/archive list for all our numerous blogs, these also provide a one-stop-shop for an email feed for all of Speranza's (or my) blogs. If you subscribe to the mailing list you get all posts and comments to any of Speranza's blogs, and also some further discussion which does not appear on the blogs. If that sounds a lot to you (and it really is in Speranza's case, though not so much in mine), then the mailing lists are set up with topic filters, so you can select to receive material from only the blogs you are interested in. These mailing lists are hosted at rbjones.com. The Carnap Corner posts are at RBJblogs. To get further information, access the archives, or subscribe to the lists use the following links.

More about JLSblogs.

Grice Club Archive

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More about RBJblogs.

Other Philosophical Projects

Speranza and I have entered upon a collaborative enterprise, to which one of the blogs is devoted, and two others contribute. This an attempt to bridge the chasm which separates our very different philosophical predelictions by looking at the philosophies of Carnap and Grice and investigating whether a meaningful and constructive conversation between the two might have been possible. In this I (Roger Jones) may be thought of as a proto-Carnap and Speranza of course, as an incarnation of Grice. The upshot is intended to be a very short book, with which we would try out the Amazon POD publishing machine.

The pivotal blog for this project is The City of Eternal Truth but The Grice Club, and Carnap Corner are also in on the act.

In addition to the chatter there are two documents which this project is producing, rather slowly (RBJ's pace rather then JLS's).

The Grice Companion (HTML) (PDF)

This is a compendium of materials relevant to the project supplied by JLS and edited by RBJ

A Conversation between Carnap and Grice (PDF)

(as it might have been)

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